Daybreak - Teleos Juice

Daybreak - Teleos Juice

Product no.: USA-Daybreak-30Z (StrengNicotine: 0mg, Bottle: 30ml)

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Teleos Juice


Daybreak is our homage to the muffin. In simple terms, the loss of diacetyl was a necessary evil as it was a terrible substance that shouldn't be vaped. In terms of flavor and mouthfeel, it was a tragic loss for juicemakers the world over.

Without diacetyl at our disposal, we set out to create the perfect breakfast vape. A delicious banana muffin with no "candy" taste, and a mouthfeel as full as we could achieve. According to our test market, we bottled lightning. As far as we're concerned, we bottled a banana muffin.


NICOTINE LEVELS: 0mg, 6mg, 12mg

GENESIS: .6-1.0Ω
SILICA: .8-1.2Ω

THE ART OF DAYBREAKEach nicotine level of Daybreak features a different piece of art by Claude Monet - who needs absolutely no introduction.

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StrengNicotine 0mg
Bottle 30ml

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USA-Daybreak-30Z 0mg 30ml
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