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Riot 24mm RDA Black by Anarchist

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Riot 24mm RDA Black

by Anarchist


The Riot RDA by Anarchist & Digiflavor carries on the Anarchist tradition of combining creative designs with precision execution by implementing a spacious two-post build deck with dynamic side airflow.

Leveraging the manufacturing prowess of Digiflavor, the Riot RDA measures 24mm in diameter with intricate machining with high quality metals and simplified designs.

The wall sleeve is made of durable 304 Stainless Steel with two top cap options: Delrin and 304 Stainless Steel.

The electroplated gold base houses a builder-friendly two-post design with the integration of a massive single 4mm by 3mm terminal opening on each post.

Coil leads are placed on the terminal opening and top-secured via large Phillips screws for effective connection.

The result is the capability to accommodate large coil structures and complex building configurations.

The whole build deck is ceramic plated, providing exemplify cooling properties and stupendous flavor recreation.

Airflow enters the structure through four staggered airslot windows on each side, fully adjustable that allows for maximal throttling to feed the atomizing chamber.

Combining a versatile build deck with creative design elements from Anarchist and manufacturing expertise of Digiflavor, the Riot RDA is a top contender in the high-performance rebuildable segment.

Riot RDA by Anarchist Features:

Constructed by Digiflavor
24m Diameter
Deep Juice Well
Superior 304 Stainless Steel Construction
Electroplated Gold Base Section
Ceramic Build Deck
Large Two-Post, Single Terminal Design
4mm by 3mm Terminal Opening
Four Window Airslots on Each Side 
Knurled Top Cap Adjustment
304 Stainless Steel Top Cap - Delrin Widebore
Delrin Top Cap - Sloped Widebore
Gold-Plated Brass 510 Connection


1 Riot RDA
1 Top Cap
1 Large Anarchist Screwdriver
Spare Parts & O-Rings

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