XXX Mod Copper by Vaperz Cloud

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XXX Mod Copper by Vaperz Cloud

N.º de producto: XXX-Mod-Copper

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XXX Mod Copper by Vaperz Cloud


The XXX is here!

The look you've come to love in the original XXX, but packs a punch rocking our new VC Tech Switch v2.

This Comp-S switch (Socket) uses an innovative design that implements customization while offering lower voltage drops than our original VC Tech Switch.

We at Vaperz Cloud pride ourselves on improving the engineering of our products and advancing the industry forward!

The copper XXX is the pinnacle of cloud chasing devices!


- Machined at 28mm tapered to 24mm

- Ergonomic curves for comfort

- One thread section with compatible threads to all future VC Tube Mods and accessories

- Milled in button and hybrid connection

- Silver plated copper battery contact with gold plated copper socket button

- Capable of running 20700 and 18650 batteries

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1 - 1 de 2 resultados