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Kit iTaste Leo 1000mah - Innokin


Built-in 1000 mAh polymer Li-Ion rechargeable battery: 
LEO Pro contains a built-in 1000 mAh polymer Li-Ion rechargeable battery to supply the daily needs of even heavy smokers.
Ergonomic manual button design:
LEO Pro's ergonomic manual button design is a combination of European and American concepts. Much more comfortable to click.
ON/OFF battery switch:
LEO Pro is designed with an ON/OFF battery switch. Quickly clicking it three times will enable or disable the battery. Once enabled, holding down the button will activate the LEOPro battery.
LED battery capacity display: 
LEO Pro battery utilizes advanced capacity display via green, yellow and red LED lights. Users will know the battery capacity via the color of the LED Button. The lights show fully charged (green) to needing charged (red), respectively. You can recharge the LEO Pro with a standard mini USB plug. It can also work as a pass through for immediate use while charging.
Pen clip cap: 
Unique pen clip cap will help keep the clearomizer clean and protected.
LEOPro iClear 10 Clearomizer Starter Kit: 
1x LEOPro Polymer Li-ion Rechargeable Battery (1000mAh) 
1x LEOPro Pen Clip Cap 
1x LEO USB Retractable Cable 
1x Adapter (fit eGo/CE4,CE5,T2/T3etc) 
1x USB A/C Power Charger Adaptor 110V/220V (CE, ROHS ,FCC Certification) 
5x iClear 10 Clearomizers (Empty ) 
1x English Instruction Manual.

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